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ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem Nederland

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Born and raised in Asker, I was always eager to explore more of the world and especially the possibilities within art. Hence, I went abroad. At my study of product design in Arnhem I quickly became interested in the human body as material, exploring aspects like my own sweat and urine, making it into salt crystals. I wanted to turn our materials which are considered "dirty" and make them beautiful again - showcasing the potential of our own bodies. I find that the human has placed themselves at the top of our hierarchy, whilst we also grow materials, just like other animals and plants. I've worked with human hair for almost 2 years now, and I'm excited to further explore the possibilities of our material as a more sustainable fiber for the future. I ́ll be moving back to Oslo this coming January, and I'm hoping to develop and establish good relationships with hair salons there for collecting their material waste, and in the bigger picture be part of the sustainability journey of Norway.

Om bidraget:

Re-valuing human material

Animals, plants and humans all share one thing - we grow fibers. FIBRE. invites you to rethink the relationship between our species and to re-envision the role of the human in a circular and equal material ecosystem. The unique handcrafted wearables and interior design pieces aim to re-value our own, currently wasted, material. These human hair textiles distinguish themselves in purist and elegant, yet raw and imperfect aesthetics. As Bruce Mau put it; “Any hope of solving our global challenges will involve creating beauty to inspire and motivate change”.

Based on Deep Ecology, FIBRE. offers an “in” for humans to contribute - once again. Historically, human hair was spun into rope, used for stuffing mattresses and stiffening suits, whilst today, about 72M KG are wasted, each year, in Europe alone. Evidently, we find that there exists an entangled relationship between hair attached to the head, and hair detached. As a designer, my ambition is to convince the consumer about their own material worth and its ́ beauty - on or off.

FIBRE. has a contemporary-historical focus, and it thrives on the unexpected. Rather than being assigned to one design discipline, FIBRE. combines material & textile design, art and craft. Not only re-valuing human material, but also emphasising the importance of local material sourcing and local craftsmanship. Linked to a reflection of the predetermined functionality of industrial and grown materials, this series is the result of research around hair and its various properties. My goal is to create solutions for a more sustainable textile industry, and to prove that we are not separate from or above nature - our grown fur is just as valuable as theirs.

The collection:
1. Reupholstered Wassily Chair 2. Pillow stuffed with waste hair 3. Human hair carpet
4. Human hair coat

model: Anna Bolt

photography: Idunn Feyling

Additionally, I've been researching the local material of Arnhem, designing a magazine where I photograph the people of the city. I would love to continue this magazine starting with Oslo this spring.

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collection  FIBRE - pillow - Idunn Feyling.jpg
collection  FIBRE - carpet - Idunn Feyling.jpg
collection  FIBRE - Coat - Idunn Feyling.jpg
HAIR OF Arnhem Magaizine - Idunn Feyling _Page_1.jpg
collection  FIBRE - full collection- Idunn Feyling.jpg
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